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Operations keep the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.
Joy Gumz

When  built environment professionals combine their skills and strengths, the extraordinary can happen. Design capability, architectural precision and engineering excellence blend together to reach a goal. But at Ontrack we know that this joint potential and expertise reaches another level of success when orchestrated by sound project management. Skilled coordination that maps and monitors, tracks and times, directs and delivers. It’s about understanding the bigger picture and making sure every piece is exactly in place, at the right time, at the right cost - to bring vision to life.

At Ontrack, we are this all-important facilitation – providing unsurpassed skills, experience and hands-on attention to successfully deliver your construction project on time, within budget and to the highest possible standard. From start to finish, we ensure every task is completed and every requirement is met, effectively and efficiently. We coordinate, synchronise and collaborate – taking the burden from your business and saving you money and time. And while we work across multiple disciplines, our goal is singular and simple:  total project success.


Established in 2008, Ontrack provides a specialist, hands-on service to clients operating in: township development, affordable housing, residential housing and commercial and industrial developments. We take full responsibility for your project’s development and construction process – right down the line.
To achieve results we use our proven proprietary model:

all professionals put together for the project as well as all administrative and statutory requirements.
and keep the lines of contact open between client, the professional team and all contractors on the project.
the process every step of the way by managing, adjudicating, checking and approving.


We are committed to providing a best-in-class, professional and all-encompassing project management service - to ensure streamlined, smooth-running and simplified management of construction projects.  We are constantly inspired to deliver a service that drives quality, time-efficiency and cost-effectiveness in project implementation.  In everything we do, we  demonstrate complete ownership and accountability – using our vast experience and knowledge together with an attitude of integrity to not only meet client expectations, but to exceed them.  


Our service is defined by a focus on single-point responsibility, centralised communication and liaison.
Reputational Reliability
Our reputation is proof that our promise is as good as our word. Our 30 year heritage has been built on the simple but vital premise of ‘getting the job done’.
In-built Integrity
Honesty, transparency, clarity and respect inform every level of our operation – values that are demonstrated daily by every Ontrack team member.


With Ontrack as your Project Management team, you can secure important immediate and longer-term benefits for your business:

  • Provide an objective, impartial representative to ensure all decisions are made with the best interest of the project in mind.
  • Ensure vital expense-saving steps are taken to reduce overall project costs wherever possible. This includes competitive bidding, contract negotiation and elimination of unnecessary scope and cost.
  • Streamline and ease communication amongst all project participants by centralizing the process.
  • Ensure your project gets the benefit of the best, qualified and most suitable professional team.
  • Enhance quality control to reduce the risk of poor workmanship.
  • Make sure all budgets are realistic, reliable and managed.
  • Ease your load by managing all tender negotiations
  • Relieve you of the burden of handling documentation – such as contract negotiation and statutory compliance.
  • The peace of mind of knowing we are there to monitor, coordinate and supervise the day-to-day workflow on the construction site.  


Ontrack represents a careful balance of hands-on, practical management and intellectual capability and resources. We allocate your project a dedicated senior professional project manager who understands your needs and who is committed to ensuring efficiency and effectiveness through each step of the process. At the same time, your project is given the full benefit of our professional brains-trust that offers combined experience in the built environment – from development to construction, from township establishment to civil  infra-structure. 

Michael Craig Simmonds – Bsc (Bldg), Pr – CPM, MSAIB, APMSA
Director and Senior Projects Manager

A registered Professional Construction Project Manager (Pr CPM) since 2003 and from a Building Science background, Michael has 30 years experience in the built environment. He has worked in all aspects of development, construction, township establishment, project and construction project management in both construction and consulting firms.
Michael started his career with Group Five – later establishing Probuild Construction Group (Pty) Ltd – going on to establish Ontrack in 2008. As director and senior project manager, he has successfully completed numerous large developments from inception to completion.

Michael holds a degree in Building Science from the University of Witwatersrand (1984), is a registered Professional Construction Project Manager, a member of the SACPCMP, a member of the Association of Project Managers South Africa and a member of the Chartered Institute of Building.